Manuel María Ponce (1882-1948) is considered the Father of Mexican Nationalism. He is the first composer from Mexico to achieve the fusion between musical style and Mexican folklore. Ponce was a virtuoso pianist of a lisztian lineage as well an orchestra conductor and a prolific composer. He is also well-known around the world for his masterworks for guitar which the great guitarist Andrés Segovia praised with enthusiasm. On the other hand, Ponce devotes his most personal heritage to the piano through which we can know him best. The composition styles that influence his music such as the Romanticism, the Impressionism, and the Neo-Classicism gravitate around a constant interest on folklore.

The complete works for piano by Ponce are distributed in eight recitals interpreted by Arturo Nieto-Dorantes, first pianist to perform them as a whole outside from Mexico. These recitals are organized according to the distinctive thematics, styles and influences that Ponce had throughout his life. Our pianist will enable us to discover the life of this Mexican Chopin who studied with Martin Krause and Paul Dukas and whose music was been interpreted by Szeryng, Rubinstein and Stokowski.

Join us to enjoy the meeting between Arturo Nieto-Dorantes and Manuel Maria Ponce in an extraordinary celebration of Mexican culture.

This project can also be presented in a one-recital form to facilitate the discovery of this composer


# Complete Repertory