Additionnal Concert Dates


Project Albéniz Iberia

January 29th: Recital Iberia Book I, Auditorio Galileo, Madrid, Spain

March 26th: Recital Iberia Book III, Auditorio Galileo, Madrid, Spain

March 29th: Recital Iberia (complete), Raum 103, Darmstadt, Germany. Masterclasses at the Akademie der Tonkunst, Darmstadt

April 12th: Recital Iberia Book IV,  La Elipa Cultural Centre, Madrid, Spain

April 13th: Recital Iberia (complete), Club Ateneo, Madrid, Spain

May 5th: Recital Iberia (complete) and Schubert Fantasy with Marc Toth, Kanapee, Hannover, Germany

May 16th: Recital Iberia (complete) Fundación Eutherpe, León, Spain

June 29: Recital Iberia (complete) Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia, Spain

July 27th- August 7th: Recital Iberia (complete) and masterclasses, Festival “Recondite harmonie”, Grosetto, Italy



February 23th: Hommage to Debussy, Recital at the Salle Henri-Gagnon, Laval University, Quebec City, Canada. Debussy Preludes Book I, Children’s Corner and Estampes

March 5th: Hommage to Debussy, Live Recital at Opus 94 (94.5 FM, Mexico)

April 27th, 28th: Jury at the Festival du Royaume du Saguenay, Canada.

July 9th-13th 2018: Jury, Masterclass and Recital, Festival and National Piano Competition, Guadalajara, Mexico

July 27th: Solo with the Cinco de Mayo Philharmonic Orchestra, Fernando Lozano, conductor. Beethoven, Concerto no. 5 “Emperor”, Puebla, Mexico.